Stepfather playing with-year-old girl, mauled her, “several times heart stopped”

Отчим, играя с годовалой девочкой, покалечил ее: «несколько раз останавливалось сердце»

In suspicious game play stepdad with his year-old stepdaughter

The little girl needed emergency medical care.

In the village Baltazarivka (Kherson region), the family called paramedics, saying by phone that suddenly got sick one year old child. Arrived on a call the doctors examined the baby, was horrified. The child was almost blue from bruising, abrasions and bruises. Also in the hospital the girl was diagnosed with a brain contusion and a fractured jaw.

Отчим, играя с годовалой девочкой, покалечил ее: «несколько раз останавливалось сердце»

Baby urgently transported in children’s hospital. Her condition is extremely serious.

According to doctors, the child is a ventilator. “The girl has several times heart stopped and had to restart,” said the doctors.

The stepfather was interviewed by the police. The man claims that he was playing with the girl, tossed her. The result is not kept and the girl fell down with his head. He explains that on the body of the child from the trauma of the living space was not.

Doctors also insist that the injury is unusual for the fall.

In the case of the police.

As previously reported, Ivano-Frankivsk region the stepfather had killed the baby because he was irritated by the crying baby.

Perehins’ke staff of the hospital told the police that the car “first aid” to them about 12 o’clock brought a small child with no signs of life. According to the girl’s mother, doctors were called in after the baby in the morning, became ill and her health deteriorated. The doctors tried to save the baby, but their efforts were in vain.

Отчим, играя с годовалой девочкой, покалечил ее: «несколько раз останавливалось сердце»

When the investigative team undertook to investigate the circumstances of the incident, it was found that five-month-old girl received injuries which subsequently led to death, about three o’clock in the morning.

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26-year-old owner of the house was angered by the crying of a younger child it 24-the summer cohabitant who this little baby, and a three-year old daughter in the fall moved to it from Transcarpathia. He walked over to the stroller where lay the child, and repeatedly struck the little girl on the head.

The doctors concluded that the child died from injuries of the brain. For causing fatal injuries to the child, the suspect faces imprisonment for a term of seven to ten years.

Recall that the mother jumped out the window in Kiev, told my husband about the last minutes of life and request.

As reported Politeka, the doctors at the hospital deliberately sent to the light newborns.

Also Politeka wrote that schoolgirl brutally stabbed stepfather: “the eyes of the mother.”

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