Stepfather charged with raping stepdaughter with mother's consent

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 Stepfather charged with raping stepdaughter with mother's consent

State Attorney's Office on Sunday indicted a man who allegedly repeatedly raped his young stepdaughter over several years with the intent to impregnate her, and her mother for approving his actions.

The couple, who are in their 40s, live in the central city of Ramla. They allegedly sexually abused the child for three years, starting at the age of 11.

The indictment states that the victim was raped twice a week. In addition, the girl was forced to watch pornography.

The couple are charged with a number of offenses, including rape of a minor, indecent acts against a minor, abuse and assault.

The indictment reads that the mother approved of the violence against her daughter. In addition, she tracked the girl's ovulation and performed pregnancy tests on her. The woman reportedly threatened her daughter with death if she revealed she was being sexually abused.

Prosecutors asked the court to keep the couple in custody until the end of the trial.

After the arrest earlier this month police said they launched an investigation after receiving a report from social services.

The Walla news site reported that the case reached social workers through the girl's school psychologist after she told her friends about the rape, and they then convinced her to tell the consultant about it. Currently, due to a severe psychological condition, the injured child is being treated in a psychiatric clinic.

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