State of emergency in the Moscow metro: “passenger fell under a train”, the time of the tragedy was caught on video

ЧП в столичном метро: "пассажир упал под поезд", момент трагедии попал на видео

The terrible accident shocked the passengers of the Moscow metro

It is noted that the incident happened this morning, February 12.

It is reported that one of the passengers suddenly became ill and he fell right on the tracks.

ЧП в столичном метро: "пассажир упал под поезд", момент трагедии попал на видео

According to information published in the Telegram-channel Mash, the passenger was saved by a miracle thanks to the quick reaction of the driver of the Moscow metro.

“Morning, Seliger station (green line). The guy was waiting for the train, and then it took one and felt dizzy, could not resist and fainted. Right under the approaching train,” the message reads.

It is known that the engineer immediately responded and an emergency halt. He pulled the passenger rail and called him an ambulance.

“The guy escaped with minor injuries. More close to the edge of the platform approach will not” — summed up in the Mash.

ЧП в столичном метро: "пассажир упал под поезд", момент трагедии попал на видео

We have previously reported that in the Kharkiv metro shot Teens. February 9, about 22 o’clock, the Kharkiv group of teenagers staged a brawl at the metro station Arkhitektora Beketova in Kharkiv.

About 20 teenagers jumped over the turnstiles, tore down the fence and ran to the Elevator and violated public order in the metro. Thus they protested against the rise in price of travel from five to eight hryvnias, which on 6 February approved the Kharkiv city Council. Moreover, your “flash mob” video filmed, and soon recording scattered in the network.

The police tried to rein in the raging Teens: later, several protesters showed network injured by rubber bullets. The result arrested two 16-year-old and one 15-year-old rowdy. In the presence of parents they were interrogated and released home.

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Recall that in the river, a man entered the subway with an Arsenal of weapons.

As reported Politeka, near Moscow metro was a terrible emergency, people were under the rubble.

Also Politeka wrote that monster caught in the Moscow metro.

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