State of emergency in moshav Ahisamah: long-term savings of residents stolen

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 Emergency in moshav Ahisamakh: residents' long-term savings stolen

On Monday evening, December 19, the police announced the arrest of a 50-year-old resident of the moshav Ahisamah on suspicion of fraud on a grand scale – in embezzlement of an amount exceeding 100 million shekels. On Tuesday, the suspect will appear in court, and the police will demand an extension of the warrant for his arrest.

The arrest was the result of an investigation based on complaints from residents of the moshav. People found that all the money from the community fund, to which they paid contributions for decades, disappeared without a trace.

Moshav Ahisamah, located next to Lod, was founded in 1950 by repatriates from Libya. Approximately 1,400 people now live there.

The residents of the moshav agreed to invest their savings in a community fund and paid contributions there for decades, counting on future profits, but recently discovered that the community treasury was empty.

After searches in the offices of the community fund, the police detained a suspect in misappropriation of money.

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