State of emergency in Ben Gurion: parents were offended and abandoned the baby in the check-in zone

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 Emergency in Ben Gurion: parents were offended and abandoned the baby in the check-in zone

A married couple with a baby arrived at Ben Gurion Airport to fly with Ryanair to Brussels. They intended to fly with the child, but he did not have a ticket. The couple, who has a Belgian passport, was asked to pay for the child, the parents were indignant, left the child in the stroller, and went to passport control themselves.

Ryanair flight attendants noticed the child and quickly called the police. The police quickly found the parents, who were heading for the departure gate, and brought them back. Two were brought in for questioning along with the child. The Ryanair manager said: “All the employees were shocked, we have never experienced anything like this before. We couldn't believe what we saw.

Airports Authority officials said the couple, who boarded a Ryanair flight at Terminal 1, arrived late after the flight's check-in counters were closed. According to them, the couple wanted to go to the security check and left the child at the conveyor belt.

The Airports Authority said: “A couple with a child, holding a Belgian passport, arrived on a Ryanair flight at Terminal 1 without a ticket for child. The couple also arrived late for the flight after the check-in counters for the flight were closed. The couple left the stroller with the baby and headed to the boarding gate. The QAS Ground Services Shift Manager took the couple back to the check-in counters to pick up the baby and called the police and security.”

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