State of emergency at the airport: the plane with the Russians stuck in snowdrifts

ЧП в аэропорту: самолет с россиянами застрял в сугробах

In Russia the aircraft of the airline “Rusline” stuck in snow after landing at the airport of Voronezh

It is reported that the plane “failed to turn in a special pocket at the airport because she’s stuck in a deep layer of snow”. On the taxiway, the aircraft had to return with the help of the tractor.

In a press-service of the airport confirmed the incident, stressing that the aircraft was not rolled out beyond the runway.

“If you try taxiing to the runway occurred an arbitrary stop of the aircraft due to the low coefficient of friction (no rolling out beyond it). Anybody from passengers and members of crew has not suffered”, — said the press service.

“The region has freezing rain and a little slippery,” he added.

Because of the incident detained two flights from Voronezh to Moscow.

ЧП в аэропорту: самолет с россиянами застрял в сугробах

In the middle zone of Russia on the evening of 12 February — the morning of 13 February, there were heavy snowfalls. So, in Moscow by Wednesday morning fell 11 millimeters of wet snow equivalent of water, which was a record figure for February 13.

The fleet of the airline “ruslayn” consists of the Bombardier CRJ 100/200.

Also on the eve of the Russian MiG-27 belonging to the Indian air force, crashed in the North-West of the country.

As reported a source in the defense Ministry, the aircraft was performing “routine mission.” The aircraft had one pilot who managed to eject. The circumstances and cause of the crash is found out by experts.

ЧП в аэропорту: самолет с россиянами застрял в сугробах

Note that the MiG-27 – Soviet supersonic fighter. Designed to strike moving and fixed ground and air targets. Can carry tactical nuclear weapons. Currently, the main fighter-bomber of the Indian air force.

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As previously reported, Egypt has also crashed Russian fighter jet MiG-29. He belonged to the Egyptian air force, was delivered to Russia in 2018 as part of the commercial contract.

Recall that a plane with dozens of passengers has dropped right at the airport.

As reported Politeka burning plane crashed near Moscow, the pilots managed to tell me what happened.

Also Politeka wrote that in the air grappled the fighter of Russia and the forces of NATO troops.

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