State attorney orders to reopen “pimping” case in Gilboa

The State Attorney ordered to reopen the pimping case in Gilboa

State Attorney Amit Eisman ordered police to reopen 'pimping' case in Gilboa prison. The investigation will verify allegations that conscripts were sent to the cells of Palestinian terrorists for their sexual needs.

According to Eisman's order, the officer who sent the female officers to the terrorists' wing will be again summoned for interrogation.

Recall that at the end of November, the head of the Gilboa prison, Freddie Ben Sheetrit, testified in the case of the escape of six terrorists. During his testimony, he spoke of cases in which female security guards were sent to terrorists to meet their needs.

According to press reports, “pimping” happened as part of a tacit deal between warders and inmates to keep the prisoners from rioting.

The Israeli press reported the incidents before, but the prison officials did not testify until recently.

Several weeks ago one of the guards at Gilboa Prison filed a lawsuit detailing the emotional and sexual abuse she experienced while working.

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