Starving terrorist Avade intends to continue the “struggle”

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 Starving terrorist Awadeh intends to continue the < /p>

The wife of an Islamic Jihad militant Khalila Awadeh, Dalal Awadeh, said on Tuesday that her husband is in serious condition and that his weight has dropped to 38kg.

She said her husband's demand is “fair” and that everyone what he asks for is freedom and nothing more. Awadeh's wife also urged international organizations to take urgent measures for his release.

Khalil Awadeh himself recorded a video message from the hospital, Haruts Sheva reports. In a slow and weak voice, he said that “nothing was left” of his body except skin and bones, but this does not express the weakness of the Palestinian people, but rather the true face of the “occupation” that claims to be a democratic state, at the same time time holding a man without charge.

Awade emphasized that the cause of the Palestinians is just and the fight will continue regardless of the cost.

“No to administrative detention,” he repeated again .

In the meantime, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court again rejected the application for the release of Avaden on the grounds that there were no significant changes in the circumstances and that there were no grounds for the court to intervene.

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