Starting today, you can pay by credit card on buses

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 From now on you can pay by credit card on buses

Today, Thursday, the company "Dan" is launching a new app for its entire fleet of buses in the Gush Dan area, which for the first time allows all passengers to pay for their journey with credit cards, phones and smart watches. After a successful pilot on several lines last month, the new service has been launched on 1,400 buses over than 100 Dan lines in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

Payment will be made by bringing a credit card (equipped with a chip) close to the fare terminal. The new application is the result of a successful collaboration between Dan and the National Public Transport Administration at the Ministry of Transport, and it was developed and implemented in just three months. The service is implemented through the MAKS company, which was selected as the clearing provider and developed a fast clearing service for bus stations.

The new service offers a solution for a new audience, primarily casual passengers who have so far avoided using public transport due to the need to use Rab-Ko or various payment applications, passengers who forgot to put money on the Rab-Ko card or do not have a smartphone that allows this to do, and tourists from abroad.

"Company"Dan" continues to lead the way in public transport services in Israel. The transition, which will allow passengers to pay for bus fares using various methods (credit cards, phones and smart watches), is another step in the transport revolution the company is leading to better serve public transport users,” said the CEO of the transport company Ofir Karni.< br />

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