Starlink releases satellite internet package for the entire planet

News » Life Style Starlink launches satellite Internet package for the whole planet

SpaceX has introduced the Starlink Roam tariff, which allows you to access the Internet from almost anywhere in the world. The company announced this on Twitter.

Users can choose between a portable antenna for $599 or a mobile antenna for $2,500. This plan – this is an opportunity for customers to use Starlink in places where the connection was unreliable or completely unavailable. The subscription can be stopped and restored at any time, and the fee will be charged for one month.

For now, the service is only available in countries , where Starlink is officially introduced.

The company says that with its advanced capabilities, Starlink can connect to more satellites, providing a stable connection on the road. The equipment is designed for permanent installation on a car and is resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

“Starlink Roam is ideal for customers traveling to places where connectivity has been unreliable or not available at all,” it said.

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