Star of David from syringes: a scandal broke out in Austria because of the sculptor

 Syringe Star of David: Scandal over sculptor in Austria

Two Austrian cities tear down statues of sculptor Manfred Kielnhofer after he created a Star of David installation using syringes.

About this JTA reports.

He created the corresponding installation to illustrate the coronavirus pandemic. The publication, published on Facebook due to Austria's intentions to introduce mandatory vaccination, caused a scandal. According to the BezirksRundSchau newspaper, the sculptor “overdid it”; with picture.

“Vaccine manufacturers are often Jewish. I read it somewhere. Look who is the head of the pharmaceutical industry”, — noted the sculptor in an interview with the newspaper, referring to the CEO of Pfizer. “Syringe Star of David: Scandal over sculptor in Austria” />

The Keeper of Time” which was created by Kilnhofer.

“I am speechless and appalled by the tastelessness of this conspiracy theory. The mind of the creator of this illustration is a threat to all democratic, humane and solidarity values ​​in our country. Even artistic freedom has limits”, — Alfred Weidinger, director of the department of culture of Upper Austria, was indignant.

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