Star dads are called to Abstain from parties, the quarantine time for family

Звездные папы призывают: Воздержись от вечеринок, карантин - время для семьи

Star dads are called to Abstain from parties, the quarantine time for family
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Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Potapov, Oleg Skrypka and other famous heads of families appeared in the video of the Ministry of health.

The Ukrainian health Ministry took in his “quarantine” campaign star dad after mothers. In the video, urging to stay home and work with children, starred comedian Eugene Mishka, leading Yuri Gorbunov and Anatoliy Anatolich, as well as musicians Alex Potapenko (Potapov), MONATIK, Oleg Skrypka.

Here are tips that give star dads the rest of the heads of families:

  • Often my hands and ventilated room, without having don’t leave the house.
  • Stay out of other people on the course, make sure the child did not touch other people’s toys, door handles and Elevator buttons. Home once again to disinfect the toys, the TV remote and phones.
  • Quarantine is not a vacation. Become a teacher for their children.
  • Refrain from parties and gatherings with friends. There will be many, and quarantined, this time for the family.

Two days earlier, in the information campaign of the Ministry of health against the spread of coronavirus infection starred star mom. Among them, first lady Elena Zelenskaya, leading Masha Efrosinina, Ekaterina Osadchaya Elena frolyak.


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