Stallone slams 'Rocky' spin-off

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 Stallone criticized Rocky spin-off

Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone has criticized the MGM spin-off of the Rocky franchise.

It is known that the film will tell the story of the main antagonist of the film Rocky IV" Ivan Drago and his son.

The artist apologized to fans for exploiting the franchise and added that, unfortunately, he does not have the opportunity to determine the future of the franchise, since the rights to “Rocky” don't belong to him.

“Just found out… That wretched 94-year-old producer [referring to Irwin Winkler, aged 91] and his dumb, useless vulture kids, Charles and David, gnaw at the bones of yet another great character I created without even bringing me up to date.
Apologies to the fans, I never wanted the Rocky characters exploited by these parasites. By the way, for my friend Dolph Lundgren [he played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV] I have nothing but respect,” said Stallone.

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