Srdjan Djokovic calls Australian Prime Minister a dictator

Srdjan Djokovic called the Australian premier a dictator

The father of the famous tennis player, the first racket of the world and 20-time champion of the Grand Slam tournaments Novak Djokovic Srdjan Djokovic commented on the situation in which his son found himself in Australia. He called the country's Prime Minister Scott Morrison a dictator and called on Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, who is formally the head of Australia, to intervene in what is happening.

“The autocracy has shown its true face today. Contrary to the decision of the Independent Court of Australia, dictator Scott ordered the arrest of my son, world champion Novak Djokovic, and deportation of him, banning him from entering the country for three long years '', & ndash; said Srdjan Djokovic, writes Sportbible.

He added that Morrison “dared to take justice into his own hands.” Djokovic Sr. called on Elizabeth II to intervene in the conflict, protect rights and end the political persecution of his son. What is happening with Novak, he called torture.

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