Squid game. The second season of the series will be

Playing squid. The second season of the series will be

Hwang Dong Hyuk, director and screenwriter of the acclaimed South Korean TV series Squid Game, has announced that he intends to release a second season. He noted that the new season will also feature the main character Song Ki Hoon, who will have to go through new tests, but did not disclose details.

A video of Hwang Dong Hyuk's statement was posted on Twitter by AP Entertainment. It also states that the decision to shoot the second season was made under intense fan pressure. However, while the scenario is only being worked out, there is no exact date for the release of the series.

At the moment, “ Squid Game '' ordered for viewing on online services by 142 million users. In many countries, competitions of the type shown in the series began to be held, only, of course, without harm to the participants, digitalspy.

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