Spring comes to Tel Aviv with the MART festival

 Spring comes to Tel Aviv with the MART Festival

From March 20 to May 1, the international festival of culture MART for the third time presents the Israeli audience with the brightest theatrical, musical and dance projects at the largest venues in Tel AvivRemote Tel Aviv— the Tel Aviv premiere of a promenade performance by the theater label Rimini Protokoll, which has traveled to more than 50 cities around the world (Berlin, New York, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon, Avignon, Moscow and others) and won many theater awards. The performance was specially commissioned by the MART festival.

 Tel Aviv with the MART festival

The urban space becomes the stage. Members — they are the audience of the play — put on headphones and go for a walk around the city. An electronic guide, whose voice resembles a GPS navigator, suggests a route and controls its passage.

In 2000, artists and directors Helgard Haug, Stefan Kägi and Daniel Wetzel founded the theater label Rimini Protokoll and have since realized countless projects, in each of which the audience interacts with real people, real stories, familiar cities or themselves. For each location, the Rimini Protokoll team writes its own script and develops a special storyline.

Remote Tel Aviv will appeal to those who are interested in looking at familiar things from the other side, who want to see their city filled with deep meanings.

Remote Tel Aviv promenade performance, March 20–April 14, Tel Aviv streets

Performance «MorningEvening" choreographer and dancer Vladimir Varnava staged Yuri Levitansky's works, including music from different eras and genres: from Bach and Handel to Philip Glass and Arvo Pärt performed by pianist Kati Skanavi. Two heroes, He and She, performed by Vladimir Varnava and Chulpan Khamatova live on stage for a lifetime. Their dialogue in the language of plasticity and poetry — an attempt to hear each other, to peer, to truly feel.

This performance, born from the powerful synergy of words, movement and music — joint project of the theater “Sovremennik” and theater agency Entracte. Thanks to him, modern viewers can hear the poems of the brilliant poet Yuri Levitansky (1922-1996), who published more than 20 books, but was underestimated during his lifetime. on the stage of the Gesher Theater

Premiere performance of «War and Peace" staged by the outstanding contemporary director Rimas Tuminas, it was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Vakhtangov Theater. It seems impossible to fit into the framework of one evening the most ambitious novel of Russian literature “War and Peace”, but the director brilliantly coped with this task. Tuminas — subtle interpreter with impeccable taste. The viewer will not see the scenery and props familiar to classical productions. They were replaced by a large empty wall, light streams and, most importantly, — high acting understanding of destinies, history.

 Spring comes to Tel Aviv with the MART festival

The performance involves artists of all generations of the Vakhtangovites, including famous and beloved Lyudmila Maksakova, Sergey Makovetsky, Evgeny Knyazev, Irina Kupchenko, Yulia Rutberg, Anna Dubrovskaya, Viktor Dobronravov, Olga Lerman and others.

< strong>Performance “War and Peace”, April 6, 7, 18:00 on the stage of the Chamber Theater

The MART festival brings together musicians of different genres — Israeli multi-instrumentalists and Russian electronic duo Simple Symmetry. They will present a showcase of new Russian music in the open courtyard of the Teder.fm club in Tel Aviv. Started as a pirate radio, the Teder project wandered around Tel Aviv for a long time, until it finally settled in the luxurious courtyard of the Romano House (Beit Romano). It is here that Simple Symmetry will perform for the first time in a live concert format, where they will present the new sound of the latest studio album SORRY! WE DID SOMETHING WRONG, prepared especially for the MART and Teder festival.

New Russian music showcase, April 8, 9, TEDER.FM club

The MART Festival presents three one-act ballets by the best contemporary choreographers: Akram Khan's Kaash, Jiri Kilian's Petite Mort and Sharon Eyal's Autodance, performed by artists from the Stanislavsky Moscow Musical Theater and Vl. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. The set designer for Kaash was the brilliant sculptor Anish Kapoor.

Here's what Laurent Hilaire, artistic director of the theater's ballet, says about these productions: “The three one-act ballets that make up this program complement each other perfectly. Each of the three featured choreographers uses their own unique language. And any modern dancer should know different dance languages.

In all productions of Akram Khan, we see his connection with the culture of his ancestors. A native of Bangladesh, he was influenced by the traditional culture of Hindustan, the Kathak dance style, and the latest European trends. All this is combined into a unique and very strong alloy.

The brilliant Jiri Kilian penetrates so deeply into Mozart's music that we no longer understand: either the choreography becomes music, or the music penetrates the bodies of the dancers.
< br />Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal developed her own original language based on the gaga technique. Autodance showcases her style beautifully, elegant and sensual, enriching the evening's palette.”

An evening of one-act ballets: Akram Khan/Jiri Kilian/Sharon Eyal, April 13, 14, 7:00 p.m. stage of the Israeli Opera. Booking tickets

The festival ends with a special event. As part of MART, the Israeli Opera presents a new work by the Greek stage director Dimitris Papaioannou Transverse orientation. On stage — Venus, Aphrodite and Botticelli in a modern reading. Papaioannu creates a plastic performance, intertwining the bodies of eight dancers and placing them in a myth, in an erotic dream. Elegance and humor gradually turn into chaos that staggers the imagination.

Attention! The performance contains nude scenes.

Transverse orientation performance, April 29, 30 and May 1 at the Israeli Opera. Booking tickets

MART — an annual international cultural festival in Tel Aviv, created by the foundation of the same name. Every spring the festival brings together in its program the brightest projects from the field of theater, music and dance. The first MART was held in Israel in 2020. In the program of the festival in 2022 — premieres of outstanding productions, tours of the most relevant performers and new international collaborations.

Detailed information and ticketing: https://kassa.co.il/mart_festival
< br /> Photo: MART Festival

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