Spring comes: how not to get sick in the first days of heat

Весна наступает: как не заболеть в первые дни тепла

The first Sunny days are not as safe as it seems — during this period serozno sick

Many people mistakenly believe that you can only catch a cold in cold season. The first warm days are the most dangerous. In this period there is an increase in the number of colds.

A welcome warming after the cold of winter provokes people to forget about warm clothes and precautions. You need to know that in winter our defenses are very weak. Sometimes it is enough just to wet feet or to dress for the weather to get cold.

Весна наступает: как не заболеть в первые дни тепла

In addition, the warming creates favorable conditions for the propagation of viruses. During this period, it is important to dress for the weather, don’t hurry to shake off the winter coat, and to comply with measures that will help to not catch an infection.

Doctors recommend that in the first warm days remember to do the following:

  1. To use herbal vitamin fees, strengthen the immune system and defensive abilities, which during the winter is practically exhausted. It is also helpful to drink lemon tea with honey.
  2. Less likely to happen in crowded places. There concentrated a lot of viruses that can affect the body.
  3. Regularly eat onions and garlic. These products contain a large number of phytoncides, which are afraid of viruses.
  4. Always keep warm feet to cold doesn’t knock out. Also it is impossible to prevent feet sweating.
  5. To follow diet. An important contribution to the prevention of viral infections will make a balanced diet. In the first warm days should eat sauerkraut, apples, lemons and honey.
  6. To avoid stress. As you know, when nervous shocks the body becomes vulnerable to various viruses. Smile more often, avoid negativity and not be nervous on trifles
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Note, the incorrect treatment of the common cold can lead to dangerous consequences in children and adults.

Doctors said that even with a banal cold, you need to see a specialist. – Prescription of drugs may lead to complications.

Весна наступает: как не заболеть в первые дни теплаthe flu

According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, approximately 170,000 Ukrainians every week, sick of acute respiratory diseases. Many people either let the disease “drift”, and referring to the doctors for complications.

Recall, the flu attacks: the doctors voiced the main rules of protection against disease.

As reported Politeka, scientists have discovered what causes the flu: “the Threat remains for years.”

Also Politeka wrote that it is necessary to correctly cure common cold: the first Soviets in the cold.

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