Sports hygiene: the rules of physical activity for acne

 Sports Hygiene: Exercise Rules for Acne

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Sports are known to be good for the skin, because the blood flow increases during exercise, respectively, the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients. However, many complain that unwanted breakouts suddenly appear after exercise.

Rivka Zayde, owner of a clinic specializing in acne problems and author of a unique treatment method, tells about the rules that must be observed when playing sports so as not to harm your skin.

During sports, sweating increases, which causes dirt and bacteria to accumulate on the skin. In addition, sweat itself contains ammonia and urea, and if sweat stays on the skin for a long time, it can lead to irritation and inflammation. In order for exercise to benefit your skin, you need to adhere to a few simple rules of hygiene:

Cleanse your face: be sure to remove makeup and cleanse the skin before exercising, pores expand during exercise , therefore, dust, make-up residue and bacteria can get into the pores and lead to clogged pores, which, in turn, will cause inflammation.

Keep your hair out of your face: Dust build up on the hair and hair care product residue during exercise can get on the skin, in addition, the hair retains moisture on the skin. Therefore, it is desirable to collect long hair in a high tail, and raise the bangs with a bandage. Bandage additionally absorb excess moisture.

Keep hygiene: sports equipment – it is an additional source of dirt, grease and bacteria. Before exercising, wipe down all surfaces that your body will come into contact with with alcohol wipes. And, of course, always take a clean towel with you, which you can use not only to wipe your wet face, but also to lay on the benches of the machines.

Dress properly: tight, tight-fitting clothes will retain moisture, which contributes to acne, especially if the clothes are not very clean. For training, choose loose-fitting sports t-shirts and pants made from special synthetic fabrics such as elastane or spandex, which do not absorb or trap moisture, allowing the skin to breathe.

Shower Promptly: If possible, shower immediately after your workout to remove the sweat, dirt, bacteria and grease that have built up during your workout and prevent them from irritating your skin. Of course, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the face again. After training, it is advisable to change into absolutely clean clothes.

About the Rivka Zayde Laboratory Clinic:

"Rivka Zaide Laboratories" – a clinic in Ramat Gan, specializing exclusively in acne problems. Together with her biochemist husband Roni Zaide, Rivka created her own unique method of getting rid of acne using high-tech devices and her own line of natural cosmetics. The percentage of successful cure in this clinic, which has been in existence for 22 years, is impressive – about 92% of complete elimination of acne.

The clinic has solutions for all types of acne, from its mild stages to the most severe and hormonal. The advantage of the method is that Rivka Zaide has developed a special program that significantly improves the condition of the skin, but does not harm other body systems, like some other ways to get rid of acne, for example, medications. This is a natural, drug-free and non-contact method that has no side effects.

The exclusive technique is based on complex treatment in the clinic and at home. An individual treatment program is selected for each patient, depending on the type of problem. One of the main components of the – These are drugs that are developed and produced in the laboratories of a clinic in Israel based on natural ingredients and medicinal plants. All preparations have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

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