Sports and exercise will help strengthen bones in adolescents

Спорт и нагрузки помогут укрепить кости у подростков

At this crucial period of development of the organism as a teenage, lack of physical activity can lead to negative consequences

The researchers examined the relationship of activity and bone strength in adolescents from 10 to 14 years in girls and 12 to 16 men, because this time is the most important for the formation of healthy bones in both sexes. The results of the study indicate that in those years formed up to 36% of the entire skeleton, and bones “speak” for physical activity.

Also, through this experiment, it became known that adolescents with low physical activity is much weaker bones, and this, in turn, can lead to more lung damage compared to those children who enough time to devote to physical activity.

Спорт и нагрузки помогут укрепить кости у подростков

Children who are just idle, not load your bones properly. That is why we have to encourage them at least to simple activity — running, long jump, football, basketball, or even Frisbee.

Teenagers do not have to visit the sports clubs or sports clubs. At least a simple dance classes at home, or just a simple walk in the Park and even walking the dog can also be effective in achieving this goal. The important thing is to move.

Спорт и нагрузки помогут укрепить кости у подростков

Experts recommend that parents limit the time children in front of screens of computers and various gadgets. The best incentive for healthy lifestyle of adolescents is an example of your own parents.

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