Sport and green can help to preserve vision

Спорт и зеленый цвет помогут сохранить зрение

These simple tips will help keep eyes healthy and vision is great

Ophthalmologists have found that eye useful to look at the green. He has a calming influence not only on the nervous system, but also has a positive effect on the visual analyzer.

Despite the grass or on trees, which dissolved the leaves, the eyes a rest. This method is good to remove fatigue.

For example, in the East, consider natural stones that have a green color. It is believed that in this action a double benefit. According to legends, the stones can affect the health touch body and even protect it from “evil eye”.

Спорт и зеленый цвет помогут сохранить зрение

Stone chrysoprase, not only reduces the pain in the eyes, but also protects against the evil eye;

Green turquoise — strengthens the eyesight and protects from danger;

Спорт и зеленый цвет помогут сохранить зрение

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Malachite is also able to improve the clarity of vision and is considered an excellent talisman.

Also useful for eye specialists believe such exercises, classes and rules:

To run, swim, ride Bicycle, in winter, skiing — these sports can improve muscle performance, sensory organ and strengthen the sclera, which is necessary for the organs of vision.

Worth checking out the distance to objects that the person sees close. Book, manuscript, and tools for knitting or embroidery need to be at a distance of 30-35 cm from the eye. This length is approximately equal to the length of the arm from the elbow to the fingertips.

It is recommended to paint wall Wallpaper light shades of green or yellow flowers, to increase the illumination in the room to 20%.

Спорт и зеленый цвет помогут сохранить зрение

In the evening it is important that the light fell on the left. Table lamp or luminaire should be transparent shades. It is better that the room was burning and overall light.

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In an adult after 40 years, some changes in the eyes. First lens is no longer so flexible, it condenses. The muscles that hold it weakening, and this affects the ability of the eye to change the focal length. In turn, these changes can lead to hyperopia, when eyes get tired, and my head begins to get sick often.

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