“Spleen” supported the musicians who left the Russian Federation and got into a scandal

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Petersburg musical group "Spleen" supported at the rock festival "Chernozem" musicians forced to leave the Russian Federation in Voronezh. In this regard, the organizers simply cut the performance of the performers from the broadcast. Group leader Alexander Vasiliev said he was glad to see so many people who do not accept cruelty, violence and murder. He dedicated the famous song “No Exit” to the departed artists. The organizing committee of the rock festival in a commentary to TASS explained why the set with the performance was removed.

“They dedicated a song to support the departed bands and, in general, during the concert made such, let's say, unambiguous hints, choosing the appropriate repertoire , ambiguous, to put it mildly. The organizing committee did not expect this. The audience reacted differently: someone left, someone expressed dissatisfaction in words, someone continued to listen to music, not paying attention to the statements, & mdash; said the organizers.

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