Spiral for contraception will protect against dangerous diseases

Spiral for contraception can reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer by 30%. To such a surprising conclusion reached by scientists from the University of southern California.

The intrauterine device can be effectively used for the prevention of cervical cancer. Observations have shown that this device reduces the risk of cancer by a third. Intrauterine device, which is considered one of the most effective types of contraception provides protection against the third most common female cancer in the world. These are the results of the meta-analysis of a large number of studies on the impact of intrauterine devices on the risk of cervical cancer. In total, these studies involved over 12 000 women from different countries of the world.

The results showed that using an intrauterine device women 30% less experienced cervical cancer. Note that the number of victims of this disease in the world is growing steadily, according to the world health organization. In 2012 the diagnosis of cervical cancer was set 528 000 women and 266 000 patients died from this disease. By 2035, according to the who, the number of cases will reach 756 000, and the number of deaths — 416 000.

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The results of this study will be particularly useful for women from developing countries. In most cases, cervical cancer develops due to the presence in the body of human papillomavirus. In developing countries girls don’t go through the vaccination against this virus, so using the coil for contraception will provide them with the necessary protection. The highest risk of developing this type of cancer observed in the period from 30 to 60 years.

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