Spielberg biopic fails at Oscar despite 7 nominations

News » Cinema ” alt=”Spielberg's biopic flopped at the Oscars despite 7 nominations”>

Steven Spielberg received seven nominations for his most personal film, and it could have been Steven Spielberg's biggest year ever at the Oscars.

The Fabelmans, the director's purely personal re-enactment of his Jewish upbringing, didn't win any of the Oscars it was nominated for on Sunday night. Spielberg's film lost in the most significant categories:

  • “Best Picture”,
  • “Best Director”,
  • “Best Actress”
  • < li>“Best Original Screenplay”.

In all categories, Spielberg's tape was surpassed by the comedy “Everything, everywhere and at once”.

However, the film “Fabelmans” became a favorite highlight of host Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel cracked a string of jokes about the film, including dubbing Spielberg and star Seth Rogen the “Joe and Hunter Bidens of Hollywood”.

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