Special prices in Cancun especially for Rosh Hashanah

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 Special prices in Cancun especially for Rosh Hashanah

On the evening of September 25, all of Israel will sit down at the festive table and celebrate the coming of the new year. To prepare dishes for the holiday table, local housewives are already going to grocery stores, looking for the best ingredients for their recipes.
But why waste time looking for products when everything can be bought in one of the three Cancun branches. In addition to meat delicacies, now, in honor of the holiday, you can buy Peter Pan red caviar for only 399 NIS. per kg.

 Special prices in Cancun especially for Rosh Hashanah

< br /> Cooking with Cancun

In each of the branches of the Cancun chain, you will find all the products you need to prepare traditional Israeli New Year dishes. It sells chicken liver, duck, veal legs, tongue, premium meat. In the fresh and frozen fish department, you can buy fresh carp to cook traditional gefilte fish and surprise all guests by putting it on the table. and seasonings. Seafood lovers will find in Cancun a large selection of products for the most refined taste.

Shopping quickly and with pleasure

Cancun is a chain of gourmet shops with the widest range of these products in Israel. Some rare and valuable products can only be found here. But the most important thing: you don’t have to go for oysters and black caviar in one store, for marbled meat, young calf’s tongue and Russian salad with seafood in another, and for foie gras, legs for jelly and good French wine in a third. You will find all the most delicious in one store – in each of the branches of the Cancun chain.

For many years, the chain has been one of Israel's leading suppliers of delicacies and gourmet products from around the world. Here you will find the widest selection of seafood in the country: you will find here not only shrimp of various varieties and sizes, but also live lobsters, oysters, crayfish, mussels, scallops, eels, red and black caviar and fish of all kinds.

Cheese for every taste

All branches of the Cancun chain have large cheese departments where you can find famous and rare European varieties of cheese – aged and young, with noble mold or truffles, hard and soft – for the most demanding taste.

 Special prices in Cancun especially for Rosh Hashanah

< br /> Delicate meats

The fresh meat sold in Cancun stores is grown especially for this chain on an Israeli farm. It does not contain preservatives and other chemicals, is not subjected to deep freezing, and only vacuum packaging is used for its storage. Wagyu veal, also known as marbled veal, featured in Cancun's stalls, is also grown in Israel.

 Special prices in Cancun especially for Rosh Hashanah

Also in Cancun you can find a new line of natural smoked meats and sausages made according to time-tested recipes , from selected meat of livestock grown on the farm.

Sausages and pastrami in the Cancun chain differ from meat products from other manufacturers: they contain exclusively natural ingredients – high-quality meat and additives: blue cheese, portobello, truffles and other natural ingredients. No starches, fillers, cartilage, flavorings, dyes or other tricks to reduce the cost of production.
As a supplier and manufacturer, Cancun is able to sell not only everyone's favorite delicacies, but also products for daily diet at prices of 20-30% lower than other stores.

To celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Cancun is holding a festive event and offering its favorite products at great prices.

For example:

  • Peter Pan red caviar 399 nis/1kg
  • Dairy calf tongue 39.90₪/1kg
  • Fresh chicken liver 19.90₪/2kg
  • Sliced ​​milk calf leg 25.50 ₪/1kg
  • < li>Whole frozen duck 54₪/1 kg

  • Foie gras 339 ₪/1 kg with a purchase of 100 nis or more from the assortment of the store | up to 2 units in one hand in accordance with the charter
  • Frozen king prawns ready in a package 259₪/1pack (5kg)

*In accordance with the charter of the event
< br />
Cancun branch addresses

Rishon Lezion, st. Yaldey-Tehran, 10, tel. 03-5055588 Opening hours: Sun. – cf. – 9.00-20.00, Thu. – 8.30-20.00, Fri. – 8.30-16.30, Sat. – 8.30-16.00
Ashdod, st. Ha-Orgim, 19, tel. 08-6677699 Opening hours: Sun. – 9.00-18.00, Mon.-Thu. – 9.00-20.00, Fri. – 8.30-16.00, Sat. – 8.30-18.00
Modiin, shd. Ha-Miktsoot, 18 ("Ishpro-center"), tel. 08-6164040 Opening hours: Sun. – 9.00-18.00, Mon. – cf. – 9.00-20.00, Thu. – 8.30-20.00, Fri. – 8.00-16.00, Sat. – 9.00-18.00
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