Speaker of the Yekaterinburg Duma: I can see the aura of other people

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 Speaker of the Yekaterinburg Duma: I can see the aura of other people

Chairman of the Yekaterinburg City Duma Igor Volodin took part in an esoteric festival, during which he announced that he had extrasensory abilities.

that it is necessary to do energy, meditation, when I finished my service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, – said Volodin at the festival.

According to the speaker, he “did not have enough energy”, he began to meditate and gradually “energy began to enter” him.

“Thanks to I cured my whole body with it”, – said the deputy, adding that he followed the courses of esoteric healing practices. “When my children and I go on vacation for a few weeks, we never take medicines with us, I myself know how to cure them properly".

The deputy said that he treats his children with the help of his hands: “I pass their energy through myself, clean them, and after an hour and a half all problems are removed.” He also revealed a way to maintain internal energy: be a closed chain.”

“I can see other people's auras, – Volodin confessed. “For example, if I'm talking to another person and I see that his aura color has changed dramatically to dark green, then he is lying.

The speaker also said that he does not use medicines and treats himself .

“New systems and practices should be introduced at the state level. We have the opportunity to refuse pills and medicines and live and develop in peace. We don't need medicines, & ndash; said the legislator.

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