Spanish hairdresser refused to shear: “cuts to fire and sword”

Испанский парикмахер отказался от ножниц: «стрижет огнем и мечом»

Fans of extreme sports who wish to get a haircut, you should visit Madrid

In the capital of Spain is a hairdresser, refused the scissors.

Alberto Olmedo known not only in his country. He famous that cuts their clients a very unusual equipment. Hairdresser uses a samurai sword, knives, a blowtorch.

Испанский парикмахер отказался от ножниц: «стрижет огнем и мечом»

Mister, Olmedo your choice explains that “retains the medieval technique of cutting”.

Recently, however, the original master has decided not to lag behind from modern innovations. Now, the customers, sitting down in the chair in front of the stylist, get a fashionable hairstyle that makes the Spaniard with a laser sword.

This sword is very similar to the one that fought the Jedi in the famous sci-Fi Hollywood Saga “Star wars.”

Laser sword Olmedo very cleverly managed. Clients, and they are lights out there, come out of the salon transformed.

The Barber calms fear the sword he wields deftly, it is safe and not so much injure the hair, as sharp scissors.

As previously reported, a woman literally disfigured during the procedure laser.

The result of a failed beauty treatments at the hairdresser, the woman had scars on the face and neck. So manipulation with the use of laser was held by the owner of the establishment in which the victim came to be served.

Испанский парикмахер отказался от ножниц: «стрижет огнем и мечом»

The woman claims that he caused her significant injuries, due to the botched procedure on her face left scars.

As it turned out, 72-year-old Yong-hwan Choi no medical education, moreover, no permit to conduct procedures with laser equipment.

It is known that the would-be beautician was arrested, he was charged with aggravated assault and provision of medical services without a license.

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The incident happened in Palisades Park, new Jersey, USA.

Let us add that famous Madonna published a photo of the new image, which struck a blow for his fans –conservatives. The image of the “new” Madonna takes in imagination in the distant 30s of the last year. This statement the American Marlene Dietrich, only in a dark color.

Испанский парикмахер отказался от ножниц: «стрижет огнем и мечом»

Madonna at age 60, decided to replace the exterior and published its “decision” on the official page in Instagram.

The singer struck a flurry of comments in different languages . Russian-speaking users have noted that the singer with the new image became similar on the two Actresses Larisa Guzeeva and Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Recall that Kamensky changed her hairstyle and scared network.

As reported Politeka, Kamaliya unexpectedly cut long hair.

Also Politeka wrote how to care for hair.

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