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 Trial of local biker gang Hells Angels begins in Spain

The trial of 49 alleged members of a criminal gang linked to the Hells Angels biker club began on Monday in Spain, nearly a decade after police cracked down on the group on the resort island of Mallorca.< br />
The defendants face a variety of criminal charges, including extortion, money laundering, drug trafficking, pandering and illegal possession of firearms.

The prosecution asked for up to 13 years in prison and a €4.2 million fine German citizen Frank Hanebut, who distinguished himself in the “Hell's Angels” in the German city of Hannover before allegedly leading a gang in Mallorca.

The trial began with a three-hour delay after prosecutors and some defense attorneys began negotiating last-minute plea agreements.

According to Spanish authorities, the Hells Angels motorcycle club, founded in the United States in 1948 and with about 5,000 members in 350 branches around the world, founded its branch in Mallorca in 2009.

The gang was attracted to Mallorca by the geographical position of the island, the presence of brothels and the opportunities to engage in money laundering and drug trafficking , according to the indictment of the Special Prosecutor for Combating Organized Crime.

The prosecutor added that the presence of a large number of permanent foreign residents on the island also contributed to extortion.

In 2013, the Spanish the police stopped the activities of the club in Mallorca, whose members were mainly citizens of Germany and Turkey.

The trial will last two weeks, but may be extended until sentencing. The verdict is expected not earlier than in a few weeks or even months.

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