Spain found the trail of the hackers of the Russian Federation in the Catalan crisis

Russian and Venezuelan hackers intervene in the crisis in Catalonia. This was stated by the speaker of the Spanish government, iñigo méndez de Vigo and defense Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal, according to El Pais.

“This is a serious issue on which democracy must meet the challenges of new technologies. This is a question that will be on the agenda during the next Council for foreign Affairs, where Spanish foreign Minister will act. We believe that Europe should take this very seriously,” said de Vigo.

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According to the Minister of defence, the government of Spain has recorded that lot of messages and social networking activities conducted on the territory of Russia.

“I use the correct expression: on the territory of Russia. This is not to say that we have established that it is the Russian government,” said Minister de Cospedal.

It is noted that the hackers publish fake news. For example, the fact that the Balearic Islands supports the independence of Catalonia or that Castilian Spanish never taught in schools in the region.

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On 9 November, Spain’s constitutional court nullified a Declaration of the independence of Catalonia, adopted by the Parliament of the region October 27.

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