Spain fights fire with sheep

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 Spain fights fire with sheep

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In recent months, an unusual experiment has been carried out in Barcelona, ​​Spain: the peculiarities of the diet of goats made it possible to use these animals to clear bushes and prevent fires.

It may seem funny, but the method is quite serious . In the Collserola Natural Park in Barcelona, ​​the municipality has let 290 sheep and goats graze to clean up the area. Their goal— prevent fires by eating as much vegetation as possible.

The Barcelona City Council conducted this experiment over several months, from April to July— a method that would then be applied in certain high-risk areas.

“We're not inventing anything here. We are resurrecting a practice that used to exist and disappeared,"— said Guillem Canaleta, a member of the Pau Costa Foundation.

The Colleserola Natural Park is particularly sensitive to fires, with an average of 50 fires a year, according to the mayor's office. Therefore, this experiment, although not a miracle solution, but in a more global context, it will make the area more resistant to fire.

It should be noted that these animals also represent a financial benefit for cities. In fact, in two decades of using this method in Andalusia, southern Spain, where 100,000 animals are kept, this method has saved 75% of mechanical trimming costs.

Many people also talk about what animals suffer from seeds, which helps the spread of plants, which is a positive factor. As for the experiment in Barcelona, ​​290 goats and sheep cleared a total of 72 hectares of the Collserola Natural Park.

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