SpaceX prepares for historic Starship orbital launch

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 SpaceX prepares for historic Starship orbital launch

A full dress rehearsal at Starbase in Texas was completed back in January. The assembled ship was filled with fuel. During the tests, many ground tests were carried out, providing SpaceX engineers with important data for fine-tuning the spacecraft for its journey into orbit. The flight plan for the launch has been submitted to the FCC.

The launch of the Starship spacecraft marks a significant step forward in SpaceX's plans to send humans to the Moon and then to Mars. The entire flight is expected to last approximately 90 minutes and will demonstrate the spacecraft's ability to reach orbit, maneuver through space, and return to Earth safely.

While there is still a lot of work and testing ahead, including full power-up of all engines, the company is confident that it will successfully complete its mission next month.

The SpaceX Starship reusable space transport system encompasses the 50-meter Starship spacecraft itself, as well as the 70-meter Super Heavy launch vehicle, which will put it into earth orbit.

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