SpaceX launches more than 50 Starlink satellites into orbit

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 ​​​​​​SpaceX launched over fifty more into orbit Starlink satellites

The American company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, launched another group of Starlink satellites into space. As part of the new launch, 53 vehicles were put into orbit, the company's press service reports.

The launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle took place from the spaceport in California at 4:14 local time. The first stage of the Falcon 9 landed to the Of Course I Still Love You drone ship less than nine minutes after launch. All 53 satellites were launched into orbit in 15.5 minutes.

It is noted that SpaceX launched more than 3,500 satellites into space in total. In 2022 alone, SpaceX completed 49 orbital missions.

It should be noted that Russia stated that it considers American commercial satellites operating in Ukraine to be a legitimate target.
In response, US President Joe Biden said that America will respond if the Russian Federation destroys at least one American commercial satellite.

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