SpaceX launched the first Cryptosat satellite into space

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 SpaceX launched the first cryptosatellite Cryptosat into space

Today, astronauts launch the first Cryptosat nanosatellite into orbit. It will be launched by an Elon Musk SpaceX rocket from a spaceport in Florida.

Cryptosat is a small cube the size of a coffee mug. It should protect blockchains and Web3 protocols from hacking. To hack such a platform, you need to go into outer space and physically open the module. The equipment communicates with the Earth via radio frequencies.

The Crypto1 satellite was developed by Cryptosat. It will be loaded aboard a Falcon 9 rocket for the SpaceX Transporter 5 mission. Satellite blockchain technology has already been tested on the International Space Station. In addition to Cryptosat, other satellites from different companies will be on board the rocket.

“Basically, this is like Uber for space flights. They all enter the same orbit, and we are one of the passengers. explains Cryptosat co-founder Jonathan Weintraub.

In March, the Cryptosat satellite participated in many experiments on the ISS. One of them is cryptographic signatures with keys that are generated and stored in space.

In the future, the company plans to place several such modules in near-Earth orbit. They will also expand its scope – for example, such a remote server can become a guarantor of anonymity when voting in a DAO. It remains to keep our fists for the successful launch of the rocket.

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