SpaceX conducts historic test of world's most powerful rocket – video

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 SpaceX conducted a historic test of the world's most powerful rocket – video

On February 9, at its base in Texas, SpaceX conducted a historic performance test of the engines of the most powerful launch vehicle in the world. The rocket consists of two components – the Super Heavy launch vehicle and the Starship spacecraft. According to the technical data, the SpaceX rocket is 2 times more powerful than the NASA Space Launch System rocket that sent the Orion spacecraft to the Moon. According to representatives of SpaceX, the first flight into space of this rocket may occur as early as March 2023.

Engineers tested a prototype Super Heavy rocket called the Booster 7, which consisted of testing all 33 Raptor engines on the launch vehicle. But before launch, engineers turned off one engine, and another turned off on its own. Therefore, only 31 engines worked.
According to Elon Musk, even 31 engines are enough for a prototype Super Heavy rocket called Booster 7 and a prototype Starship spacecraft called Ship 24 to be able to fly into space next month.Company SpaceX plans to build the Starship rocket, which has a total height of 120 meters, as a versatile vehicle to take astronauts to the Moon and Mars. The Super Heavy launch vehicle itself and the Starship spacecraft, which is the upper stage of the world's most powerful rocket, are designed to be reusable. The launch vehicle has 33 Raptor engines, while the Starship – 6 of the same engines.

If everything finally goes according to Elon Musk's plan, then the Booster 7 prototype will launch the Ship 24 prototype into orbit next month, which will make one orbit around the Earth. After that, two parts of a giant rocket will land in the Pacific Ocean on a floating platform.

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