South Korean rap star shows off his underwear at airport

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 South Korean rap star showed off his underwear at the airport

Jung Hoseok, better known as J-Hope, a South Korean rapper and member of the boy band BTS, has made a guest appearance on Jae Jae's YouTube show MMTG.

there were a lot of singers, but the most interesting was the discussion of funny and ridiculous acts from the past artist. In particular, JJ asked J-Hope about his clothes, in which the BTS member appeared at the airport on his way to the MAMA Awards 2022. Then the performer showed a stylish look, but with some nuances. J-Hope's trousers were too low, which is why the singer showed everyone around him and photographers his underwear.

According to the artist himself, he did not know that his underpants were made public.
< br /> "When I went out, my trousers dropped a lot. To be honest, I should have checked it out before I went out,” he sheepishly excused himself to the show host. As the singer said, he waved his arms too much at the camera, which could also provoke embarrassment with trousers.

Note that these are not J-Hope's first excuses about clothes and a very risky style. A similar situation happened to him when he returned from the US after filming the music video for “Chicken Noodle Soup” with Becky G. Then the attention of photographers and everyone who saw the singer was stunned by the sexy image with an unbuttoned denim jacket.

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