South Korea will build an attraction that will be visible from the DPRK

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 South Korea will build an attraction that will be visible from North Korea

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Seoul, the capital of South Korea, will build the world's largest wheel without spokes, which will be visible from North Korea. So the government of the country wants to remind about the desires for national unity.

This is reported by CNN agency.

The height of the Seoul Ring attraction will be 180 meters. It will be built according to a new technology: in order for the trailers to rotate on the wheel, cables passing in the middle are not needed. It is also reported that the wheel will run on recycled energy.

Hanil Park, where the attraction is located, is located near the northern border of the country, and accordingly, from North Korea. By building the wheel, the South Korean government will “focus its desire for a unified Korea and national unity on it.”

Construction of the Ferris wheel will begin in June 2025, with completion expected by 2027.
< br /> It should be noted that now the largest sight wheel without spokes is an attraction located in Shandong, China. Its height is 145 meters.

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