South African Ministry of Health on the growth of hospitalizations among children: no panic

South African Ministry of Health on the increase in hospital admissions among children: no panic

The number of children hospitalized with coronavirus during the fourth wave of coronavirus in South Africa caused by the new Omicron strain is not cause for panic.

the opinion was expressed by spokesman for the South African Ministry of Health Ntsakisi Maluleke.

The high number of hospitalizations in the past month raised concerns that the new strain of coronavirus could pose a greater risk to young children than other variants of COVID-19.

Scientists have not yet found a link to the number of hospitalizations and the new strain, noting that there may be other factors.

According to Maluleke, out of 1,511 infected patients in hospitals, 113 were under the age of nine.

“ We are comforted by the doctors' reports that children, the disease is easy, '' she told Reuters.

Maluleke added that health officials and scientists are studying the reasons for the increase in hospital admissions at a younger age. She noted that many patients reported “nonspecific flu-like symptoms” such as a sore throat.

“Don't panic, but citizens need to be vigilant”, “ndash; she added.

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