Sounded terrible details of the death of a football player Sala: the verdict of the coroner

Озвучены страшные подробности смерти футболиста Салы: вердикт судмедэкспертов

The British competent authorities have announced an official cause of death of the Argentinian footballer emiliano Sala

It is reported that retrieved from the wreckage the body was identified by fingerprints.

After the body was taken to Portland, forensic scientists were able to establish the cause of death of a striker of Cardiff city.

Озвучены страшные подробности смерти футболиста Салы: вердикт судмедэкспертов

As we found out, the cause of death of Argentine soccer were numerous injuries to the head and torso.

Acting senior coroner in Dorset Brendan Allen, who is investigating the death of Saly, said that the report on the inquiry into the accident will be published within 6-12 months.

An interim report is expected within two weeks.

Recall that the eighth of February, the rescuers were able to lift from the bottom of the channel body emiliano Sala, which was discovered in the wreckage of his plane. A tragic event occurred on January 21, when the player flew to his first day of training in his new Welsh club Cardiff city.

His plane was in the difficult weather conditions and an hour before arrival shore lost contact with him. The search for the football player lasted almost three weeks.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that one single sister player Cardiff city emiliano Sala touching farewell of his dead brother. Ramin Fat struggled with authorities in Britain, so they did not stop the search and rescue operation.

Озвучены страшные подробности смерти футболиста Салы: вердикт судмедэкспертов

Thanks to her and her initiative, the operation is resumed, and the rescuers could locate her brother’s body. In his entry in Romina Instagram posted a photo of Sala, where he is squaring arm is in the stadium of Nantes, and said his last words to the beloved brother.

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“Your soul my soul will Shine forever, lighting the time of my existence. I love you, Tito,” wrote Romina.

In addition, the family of the deceased football player appealed to all who took part in the search for emiliano Sala. In his address, they expressed deep gratitude for their assistance.

“We would like to thank you for all your signs of attention and support in the most painful time of our lives.

To see that the whole world mobilized to support us in our search, it was infinitely precious help. Thanks to you we can now mourn our son, our brother”, — quotes the words of the family of the football player BBC.

Earlier, the father of the missing player made an emotional statement: “I can’t believe.”

As reported Politeka, the last message disappeared players of Cardiff have become prophetic: “God, how scary.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the fans EN masse in support of the missing players: “More than a player”.

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