Sound sleep and other myths about alcohol that it is time to stop believing

Міцний сон та інші міфи про алкоголь, в які пора перестати вірити

In these myths about alcohol you should stop believing

Around the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the alcohol there are many myths in which the majority of people believe. The scientists decided to destroy the most popular of them and has placed all points over “and”.

Therefore, the approval that relate to alcohol, it’s time to stop believing?

Alcohol helps to sleep tight. Alcoholic drinks is really a cause of human weakness and drowsiness, but intoxication has nothing to do with healthy and sound sleep. Alcohol helps to fall asleep faster, but the quality of rest worsens several times. After such a dream a person feels overwhelmed and tired, and usually with a headache.

If more snack – less drunken. The share of truth in this, because without snacks to drink alcohol and not really worth it. But oily and spicy meals overload the digestive system and cause her a serious blow. After a heavy appetizer, which comes in combination with alcohol, increased intoxication, resulting in the digestion of food slows down.

Quality alcohol does not harm the body. This is an incorrect assertion because ethyl alcohol is included in any alcohol. According to statistics, only 6% of poisoning caused by the content of surrogate alcohol. The remaining 94% triggered by alcohol, without which none of the best vodka or the most expensive whiskey.

Міцний сон та інші міфи про алкоголь, в які пора перестати вірити

The main thing – do not overdo it with alcohol

Need to drink beer before vodka. In fact, there is no difference in which order you should drink alcoholic beverages. In such a situation an important role is played only the amount of alcohol consumed.

Alcohol cures the common cold. It is believed that a glass of vodka with lemon or pepper can be cured of any ailment, in particular from the cold. But doctors do not recommend to resort to such methods of treatment. The fact that alcohol irritates the throat and inflamed it even more.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget that all should know the measure. Alcohol is the allegation in the first place.

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