Soroca Hospital: Woman sues after her breasts were removed by mistake

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 Magpie Hospital: Woman sues after her breasts were removed by mistake

Alleged confusion at the Soroka Medical Center could have led to the woman having an unnecessary mastectomy, Israel Hayom said.

The operation, performed in June 2022, was performed on the left breast of a woman based on the results of a histological examination performed on another patient.

After the medical staff realized that a mistake had been made, they told the woman who had operation that this happened for the first time in a hospital. But it turned out that a similar incident could have happened in 2008.

Israel Hayom conducted its own investigation and says that the Ministry of Health had already investigated a similar error after it received a complaint from the woman's lawyer in 2008. The lawyer asked that a commission of inquiry be formed to “prevent similar incidents in the future and determine how such an incident was allowed to happen.” serious mistake.”

Meirav Bai-hyun, who may have been the victim of a medical malpractice last year, recently filed a malpractice suit against the hospital management seeking damages. On April 11, 2022, Bat-hyun, a mother of three, underwent a mammogram along with a breast ultrasound that showed possible cancer.

Three days later, six biopsy samples were taken from her breast at the hospital, and on the 26th, she was told that, based on the histological results of these samples, she had a malignant form of cancer and needed urgent surgery that will result in an almost complete mastectomy of her left breast.

Two weeks later, when tissue from what had been removed was analyzed, she received a call from a surgeon who allegedly said that there was “a discrepancy between the first biopsy showing malignant cancer and the biopsy from the removed tissue, which does not appear to have any signs of cancer cells.” The doctor then allegedly said that “you still have cancer, so you should continue with radiation anyway.”

After the patient suspected something was wrong , she insisted on comparing pre-biopsy samples with those obtained after surgery. In the end, it turned out that the tissue samples on the basis of which the woman was diagnosed belonged to another patient.

and the Clalit Health Insurance Fund comment on two alleged cases of erroneous operations to see if lessons were learned. However, both came out with only the following statement: “The claim has been received, we are currently studying it and will respond in a way that is legally permissible, the incident has been reported to the Ministry of Health” ;.

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