Soon in Israel! Valery Meladze with the anniversary program

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 Soon in Israel! Valery Meladze with the anniversary program

From March 15 to March 18, Valery Meladze, one of the most romantic singers of our time, will perform in Beersheba, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Ashkelon. Meladze will present his anniversary program “Thirty Years Together” in Israel.

The soft, gentle and deep voice of Valery Meladze was first heard by the audience 30 years ago. In 1992, written by his brother, a very unusual for the stage lyrical composition “Do not disturb my soul, violin” instantly became a hit and brought its performer the title of “Discovery of the Year” & hellip; 30 years later, Valery Meladze decided to celebrate his significant creative anniversary in Israel, where he is loved, appreciated and expected. Especially for the Israeli public, he prepared a really big and special anniversary program, for which he carefully selected the best, most beautiful and soulful songs from his huge repertoire.

 Soon in Israel! Valery Meladze with the anniversary program

At concerts in Israel, Valery Meladze will sing and talk about true deep feelings in his unique inimitable manner. A real feast of romantic music awaits you, each note of which breathes faith in a miracle, admiration for women and great sincere love – happy, unrealizable, alluring and desirable.

Everyone who has ever been to the concerts of Valery Meladze knows how this artist is able during his performance to build an atmosphere of warmth and trust in the hall, to establish an invisible dialogue of understanding and mutual respect with the public, which results in incredible emotions and sensations that are impossible describe in words. The creative tandem of Valery and his brother Konstantin Meladze, the chic voice of one and the composer and poetic gift of the other have been serving as an example of a unique refined style and taste for 30 years. Each of their joint creations resonates in the hearts of grateful listeners.

 Soon in Israel! Valery Meladze with the anniversary program

By and large, the celebrated 30th anniversary of Valery Meladze's solo career – anniversary for both brothers. Starting with his first hit “Do not disturb my soul, violin”, Valery performs works written exclusively by his brother Konstantin.
Of course, the song and musical path of the Meladze brothers began much earlier. By and large, in 2023 this talented tandem celebrates another memorable date – 40th anniversary of his musical career. It was in 1983 that Valery Meladze first appeared on stage as part of the student VIA April, in which he was a soloist, and his brother – keyboardist and arranger. Almost 10 years and a hundred or two “pause bars” the brothers needed to decide on an independent freestyle swimming, which almost immediately brought them fame, success and audience love.
Today, every song of the Meladze brothers – a heartfelt and interesting story about love, but only Valery can tell these stories like no other. His voice of wide range and rare timbre gives each song genuine passion, fills each line with incredible expression.

 Soon in Israel! Valery Meladze with the anniversary program

From March 15 to March 18, in the best concert halls in Israel, Valery Meladze will be called more than once for an encore to sing one of his understandable and favorite songs with him once again. And he will again and again go on stage to once again please his fans. At the same time, the Meladze brothers intrigue and promise unexpected musical surprises – completely new compositions and bold arrangements to the most famous, opening up new layers of meaning in already well-known works. Be sure to sound “Sir”, “Beautiful”, “I can't live without you”, “Salute, Vera!”, “Heaven”, “Love and the Milky Way” and many other super hits tested by time, success and loyal audience. And, of course, there will be flowers and applause, smiles and sadness, warm aching feelings and endless emotions. Everything is exactly like in the songs of Valery and Konstantin Meladze: “It will be amazingly beautiful!”.

 Soon in Israel! Valery Meladze with his anniversary program

Israeli concerts of the sincere, beautiful and insanely popular Valery Meladze with his new anniversary program will take place on:

March 15 – in “Cinema City” in Beersheba;
March 16 – in the hall “Theatron Hatzaphon” in Kiryat Chaim;
March 18 – at the Tel Aviv Opera House;
March 19 – in the hall “Heykhal a-tarbut” in Ashkelon

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Tour organized by agencies YM Production and AYProduction led by Alon Eurek.

PR agency:Sofia Nimelstein PR & Consulting

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