Sonic movie: Jim Carrey has talked about his hero

Сонік в кіно: Джим Керрі розповів про свого героя

The sonic movie will be released on the big screens on February 13

On the eve of the release of “Sonic in the movie,” the authors actively promote the film, and allowed for this in the big guns.

We already showed famous athleteswho are addicted to the abilities of the Hedgehog, and now it is the turn of big Jim Carrey. The actor starred in a short video where he told how it was to play the role of Dr. Eggman.

The actor describes his character as a crazy and incredibly smart because of the extremely high IQ level of the character the comedian, as he notes ironically, had as much as a week and a half to prepare for the role!

Unfortunately, independently to grow during this time trademark moustache Eggman failed, but according to Jim Carrey, he would not have refused such. The actor liked working on the film “brings back good memories and brings people of different generations”.

The film, incidentally, can be seen in the Ukrainian box office on 13 February.

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