Soloist Lisapetny battalion Natalia Falion: you Never know who will knock at your door, happiness or pain

Солистка  Лисапетного батальона  Наталья Фалион: Никогда не знаешь, кто постучит в твою дверь - счастье или боль

The soloist “Lisapetny battalion” Natalia Falion: you Never know who will knock at your door, happiness or pain
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Photo: Personal archive Falion

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” found out all about the life of the team fun and cool women.

After winning the TV show “Ukraine got talent” in 2013, “Lisapetny battalion” has thundered all over the country. Even Natalia Falion immediately could not believe in what they so cleverly jump on the competition. Well, the audience then experienced the heavy artillery of Ukrainian humor and positivity.

“People want something rustic”

– Natalia, in the new year concert “from Ukraine, 20-ti!” on the channel “Ukraine” you sing with Jerry Heil. How did such an unusual collaboration?

Is the idea of channel “Ukraine”, the vision of the Director of the show. I didn’t even think that I can sing along with this young singer, hit that “#Ohranoy” is very popular! Don’t know, mess up the room or make it more interesting… (Smiles). It was all very creative.

For the New year, we’ll see you on TV, but after 18 Jan, you have a concert in Kiev, October Palace. Not every star of this room pull! Tickets are sold?

– Sold. If we put together the Palace “Ukraine” last year was sold out, we expect to collect and October. However, while complex, not just the holidays.

– So this is a good, all just back from holidays.

– Maybe so. The program is unique, and folklore and our modern songs. I think everyone will find something of their own. Many people want us to sing folk songs. Please will folk. Christmas? There will be those. Invited celebrity guests. I have many friends in the Ukrainian show-business, they are happy to come to my concerts, and I’ll have them.

– Touring a lot now?

– Yes, a lot. And not only in Ukraine but also abroad. People want something primitive, simple, clear, rustic.

– Who is your audience?

From infants to elders deep. I have been watching the concerts, which people come. 50% is our stable people, for 40 years, they love us all. But we love students and students, a lot of young people. I sometimes even wonder – wow, that’s what we give them liking? And fell! There are so many young people who even go after us with a gig.

– How did you do it – the Amateur team from the village provides a great solo concerts across the country? What is the secret of success?

– And we take its simplicity. Everyone who sits in the hall, it seems that his neighbor, his friend, his relative. We set an example for ordinary Ukrainians that it is possible to achieve great results, if you work to find themselves. And it’s not so simple – from the bottom up in show business! Because I think it inspires people. In addition, many of the stars seem out of reach, people think that to achieve such heights is impossible, and like us, could be anyone.

“For a star we are not at that age”

– Admit it, star disease was sick?

– Yes what kind of star fever! We’re not at that age. My God, you’re talking about! We are proud and grateful to God and the people for giving such a chance not only to have fun but also to please others. People after our concerts leave happy, and it means a lot! We have the same photo session after each concert, you would see the spectators run to us as they hug, thank you. Such moments are the most expensive! These sensations nothing beats.

– How many of you in the team?

– 14. We have a party, she’s 85 years old, she’s the oldest. Was older, but over time, they will not withstand the load, and slowly goes natural elimination. I lead a team of almost 30 years, of course, composition changes a little bit. Young has caught up, I want to keep up with the times, some young, modern rhythms to make, new faces to draw.

– All newcomers survive?

– Not everyone will fit. But I’m not casting, everything goes by itself. Pulled my daughter Kate, she’s a singer, sings very well, since childhood in my work grew. Pulled daughter-in-law. They have contributed has already been a new page in “Lisapetny battalion.” I hope that this will become a thing of their lives, see that they are happy to live on stage.

I’m a practical woman, a village, not thinking one day, thinking ahead: what happens when it is not able to tour? Then my business will continue my people they studied with me, they will pick up. And the audience they will be, they do not fall from the sky, and my “CIN” is not lost. May be slightly modified, modernized, but it will be in a year or two, and ten. I want you to.

– You help your son?

– Yeah, he’s a concert Director, organizes concerts, is responsible for ads, for gift products, we produce and calendars, and magnets and discs.

Who writes you songs?

Music my. A few tunes composed by the son, and the lyrics I write and the son. Sergey I have a very talented, he writes poetry! I was lucky with the kids, they support me and help me. Without them it would be difficult.

Солистка  Лисапетного батальона  Наталья Фалион: Никогда не знаешь, кто постучит в твою дверь - счастье или боль

On new year’s concert “Lisapetny battalion” will sing along with Jerry Heil “#Kranon”. Photo: TV Channel “Ukraine”

“We have much money to spend”

– The corporate name? Soon the New year.

– The new year is a sacred holiday. I was at that age when you want more yourself to pay attention. They are young still have time, and I have for themselves to live. So for the New year make your own gifts and what any proposed corporate parties, leave to rest. Leave the numbers in the twenties and come as much as after Christmas. This year will fly to China.

– Are you expensive?

For Amateur – expensive, but show business is just a laugh. The team – 14 people, no one is behind us, we have no producers, sponsors, we themselves: sew the costumes themselves and the drives produced themselves, and the songs write themselves and the bus is ordered for yourself… we Have much money to spend.

But enough to live on? You, probably, already anybody does not work?

– Work! All 14 people at a concert don’t go. For example, one of our artists working in music school, another Methodist in the community, is the Director of the House of culture. Most, of course, already retired, there are a couple of people unemployed, and so people go and work.

– On the poster you write “Natalia Falion and “Lisapetny battalion.” Others do not take offense that highlighted your name?

– No. I have a generator, it’s my baby – I’m the soloist, and the whole conversational genre for me. We’re not just a concert – a performance, it’s all connected, always have eyeliner, and all that I do. Think through all the costumes, even the choreography to each song.

How did the name “Lisapetny battalion”?

Name – born during our participation in the project “Ukraine has got talent!”. Then I had to merge two teams. One was in the village of p’yatnychany (Khmelnitsky region), where I was born and raised. The second three kilometers from the village. When the question of participation in the show, I was not able to find somebody, and someone not to take, and all United. And the name picked from most popular of our songs. “Girls combat, so what? Battalion! The battalion, where are we going? To earn a million”. Spontaneous, quickly, but caught on.

“My happiness is to write a book”

– Last year you had a great grief – you have lost both husband and son. How he managed to save the woman-a holiday, not to let go, not to quit, not close? As I learned how to be strong?

– Strong learn to be impossible, she had to be. From memory to erase nothing is impossible! The most important thing is not to withdraw into themselves. I know many people who are closed in themselves, they have nothing interesting, they do not want.

Really want to cry, to sit silently, look in the corner and cry. And sometimes I do, but a very short time. Understand that in this regard, nothing can change, nothing I can do, and we must try to protect his consciousness. The more you for something to fixate on, the more it will sharpen you and slowly kill. After all, you were not to leave and to live.

Yes, I am very hurt, and she certainly would not have coped. Thank God, beside me there were people, and they helped me. No need to stay lonely, we need to be at work, surrounded by people, don’t give yourself slack. I couldn’t let go, melt, I watched millions of people, and this is very important. Maybe someone looking at me, too, my soul a little to save.

If someone thinks that I am not a very proper woman, immediately beginning to write, to joke, he is deeply mistaken. I haven’t forgotten and will not forget! It’s my pain and I cope with it as best I can.

– Now all you good?


– Have a favorite person?

Yes. You know, grief and joy go next. And you never know who will knock on your door, happiness or pain. They sometimes come together.

– And where is happiness found?

– My happiness, you can write a whole book.

– Really everything as in a fairy tale got?

– Of all the gin joints. Man saw you on TV, he liked you, he studied your work, all of you knew, and then six months later decided to come to the concert. Came, we met, and I somehow knew that the man was waiting for all my life. I’m lucky I have a wonderful man, smart, charming, affectionate, attentive. He’s never without flowers. I’ve never had flowers, only the audience! And just like that… And there is no better gift and more happiness than a flower from a loved one just. And once the world becomes different, and you know what you need, what is your sun in the window.

– We do not sometimes understand how little we need for happiness.

– Very little! To see beloved eyes close, to hear him breathing next to you, listening to those beautiful words you say even in early youth or at school age.

– You have such a romantic?

How romantic! When, it would seem, has romance has no place. But, it turns out, you’ve waited a lifetime for this romance, that’s what you need. Here you kind of had it all, and the romance was not, and you were not happy. But happiness came when near the man, which is exactly yours.

– What’s his name? And we all he he.

– As a child I had two favorite name. Thought I would have a husband or Sergei or Andrei. I’m even older son, the firstborn, was named Sergei. And this name has become my family. And my favorite name is Sergey.

Солистка  Лисапетного батальона  Наталья Фалион: Никогда не знаешь, кто постучит в твою дверь - счастье или боль

In his free time touring artist is trying to travel around the world. Photo: Personal archive Falion

By the way

“I planted over a thousand tulips”

– Remember that you built a Church in the village won in the TV show money. Completed?

– Of course! She works 4 years. If you said your word, you’re a hostage of the word. And no matter how difficult, you have to do it. Well, that there were kind people helped. Let the Church small, but he is our beautiful, we built from scratch, bought everything to the last detail. All kissed a little. In different corners of the country, I was presented with icons and they are now in our Church. Without faith, it is impossible. And we so wish we had a place to go to ask, but, most importantly, to thank you for what God gave us. Now there is such a place.

– Where do you live?

– I live in the bus (laughs). But my home is in my village. The house father, I completed it, ennobled. There is a garden – but without fanaticism, for yourself. Want to make the home beautiful area. This fall planted more than a thousand tulips. A dream that was beautiful flowerbeds, flowers. Therefore, all put, put… only One of the lilies I have about 200.

Want a good garden, a lawn for the kids, maybe a pool somewhere to settle down, a gazebo with barbecue facilities. I am a very hospitable person, guests accept with pleasure.


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