Soleil’s mother silenced live

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Soleil’s mother silenced live

Afternoon five

The shrewd Wendy is electrocuted by the host of Canale 5 and confronts Raffaella Fico, in a curtain that is the triumph of Dursian trash

Soleil’s mother silenced live

Published on November 1, 2021

Slowly the Dursian trash is returning, albeit on tiptoe, live on Canale 5. In the past few hours at Afternoon 5 Barbara d’urso is back to talk about GF VIP, in particularly itchy terms. Like the good old days. Protagonists of the curtain broadcast this November 1st Raffaella Fico e Wendy, the mother of Soleil Rises.

Barbara d’Urso’s living room was the first opportunity for confrontation between Fico and Soleil’s mother. As you know, sparks flew inside the house between Raffella Fico and Soleil Sorge. When Raffaella Fico left the house, Soleil took the liberty of greeting her with a “Bye b…ch” which caused a lot of discussion. That was enough, let’s say so slang an expression, to unleash a huge fuss. The problem is that the term in question has a meaning, as it were, controversial. Between Italian and English there is a semantic gap: while in English it can also be used between friends (like “s… ..a) in Italian it can have a much greater weight.

All the while, while Raffaella Fico kept repeating how serious was the word addressed to her by Soleil, Wendy did not understand the gravity of the situation, receiving dirty looks from Barbara d’Urso. Please don’t repeat it, it will also be a playful word but don’t repeat it here live from me “ the presenter repeated several times. Not happy, Wendy went on to reiterate, over and over again: “Literally it means c … a”.

This was not the only occasion of embarrassment caused by Soleil’s mother in the studio in Afternoon 5. The insulting chapter on Raffaella Fico closed, we moved on to talk about the stolen kiss of Alex Belli to the Italian-American model. On Halloween night, the actor caught the ball with his gorgeous colleague (who has been aiming for days) by organizing a cinematic kissing demonstration. Too bad that Alex Belli is happily married and that his wife, Delia Duran, she didn’t take it very well.

“He was teaching this cinematic part to her and Sofie” said the shrewd Wendy, who all continued to glare. When you say mother’s heart!

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