Soldier detained by police in the Negev: Sent a truck towards the protesters

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 Soldier detained by police in the Negev: Truck directed towards protesters

During a demonstration against the legal revolution in Beit Kama in the Negev, a soldier driving a truck drove over a roadblock and was stopped next to the demonstrators. He was detained by the police on the spot and taken to the police station.

Several demonstrators claimed that a soldier who got off a military truck threatened them with a weapon. The police detained him on the spot for questioning.

stated: “The soldier drove the truck around the ring and drove close to the protesters who were cheering against the legitimate revolution. He braked, stood next to one of the protesters and apparently threatened her with his personal weapon. The police officers who were nearby immediately rushed to him and witnessed the threats, they took him into custody and took him away for interrogation.

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