Solar probe, NASA removed the ghostly traces of the asteroid

Сонячний зонд NASA зняв примарні сліди астероїда

/ vokrugsveta

Parker of NASA’s Solar Probe that explores the Sun, finally got the traces of the asteroid Phaethon, who for a long time failed to catch.

The Phaeton is famous, although small near-earth asteroid from the Apollo group, which belongs to the spectral class B with a very elongated orbit. During the movement around the Sun it crosses the orbits of all the terrestrial planets. The width of the chaise is approximately 5.8 kilometers and perhaps this comet, which was captured by our Sun.

One of the most powerful meteor showers, Gemini, perhaps associated with the Phaeton, scientists say. In the result of an unknown cosmic cataclysm asteroid found the trail of numerous fragments. This phenomenon has managed to take the Parker Solar Probe (NASA, designed to study the Sun) with the camera WISPR; according to the researchers, they believe that the probe saw part of a meteor shower.

In 2022, Japan expects to send to study Phaeton apparatus Destiny+: in particular, the probe should examine the dust ejected object.

Сонячний зонд NASA зняв примарні сліди астероїда

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