Sol – Never let salt into debt

Very often we are approached by neighbors asking to borrow some salt.Well, we, as good neighbors, always ready to help. That only raises the question, is it worth it to do this?

Сіль - Ніколи не давайте сіль в борг

It may be better to refuse? No, it seems not convenient. There is always the idea that we live near these people, and we needed something. And we, in principle, will not be poorer from a few spoons of salt. And this is a huge mistake.

How often do we suddenly begin to feel an acute shortage of luck. That’s just never associated it with what gave the neighbor a little salt. Salt is a symbol of life, luck, family welfare. Witches salt can be treated, but you can kill. If you asked for salt, I do not think that people will be grateful to you. Very often with the help of salt you can pick up well-being.

There was a case and I would not be mistaken if I say that this is not an isolated case, when a neighbor is constantly asked his neighbor salt, and do it regularly. Despite the fact that the neighbor was constantly surprised, how can you not buy salt, if it is full in any store, and the price is quite affordable, it still lent salt constantly. That’s just after a while she noticed that in her life everything went wrong.

The husband left, the children got out of hand, work problems, constant lack of money. But a neighbor has a new car, and not cheap, he bought himself an elite dog. In short, the neighbor, the case went to the mountain. And it was in salt. You don’t even have to know the special words in order to read a conspiracy to take away the luck from the person. Simply take the salt and think about what you want to. Here only it will not be yours. You will arrive – someone will decrease.

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In order to avoid this, never let salt into debt. Learn to say one simple word – no. If you can’t, then be sure to ask for a nominal fee, at least one penny. If the person is not going to cause you any harm, he will understand and not be offended. Well, if he decided to steal your fortune, then, of course, he will turn around and leave. Offended? So be it, but your entire stay with you. And if you ever have to ask for salt, don’t forget to leave yourself a nominal fee. Even if the neighbor refuses, then it’s just out of politeness, but in his heart he will be glad that you do, and your relationship will be more trusting.

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