Sofia Rotaru seriously ill with coronavirus

 Sofia Rotaru was seriously ill with coronavirus

Popular singer Sofia Rotaru has been ill with coronavirus. She reached out to her fans on Instagram and informed her that the omicron strain had reached her.

“Two weeks of sleepless nights and struggle for health. The coronavirus has been defeated, but not without complications,” she said.
Rotaru added that good doctors are taking care of her, so the situation is under control. She also expressed confidence that after a while the condition will improve.

Sofia Rotaru wished everyone good health. “Thanks to my family and everyone who is next to me! Take care of yourself and your loved ones,” she wrote.

In December 2021, the details of the singer’s hospitalization became known. Her manager Sergey Lavrov said that Sophia suffers from sudden pressure drops. The tremor of the singer Sofia Rotaru is not associated with Parkinson's disease, which her fans suspect the artist has, he added. In April, Rotaru was hospitalized in the neurology department of a Moscow hospital.

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