Snow trap: at least 16 tourists killed in Pakistan

Snow trap: at least 16 tourists died in Pakistan

Snowfall in Pakistan killed at least 16 tourists due to bad weather.

This is reported by Reuters.

It is clarified that the victims were stuck in their cars in northern Pakistan, where thousands of people flocked to enjoy the winter weather.

About 1,000 cars were stuck in snow traps in Murri province, 64 km to the northeast from the capital of Islamabad.

“For the first time in 15 to 20 years, such a large number of tourists flocked to Murri”, & mdash; said Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

According to him, about 1,000 cars were stuck in the mountainous area, which caused problems with access for rescuers.

& quot; The cars killed from 16 to 19 people '', & ndash; the minister stressed.

According to him, army platoons and paramilitaries were deployed to help the civil administration in rescue operations.

According to him, the government announced the closure of all roads leading to the indicated place in order to stop the further influx of tourists.

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