Snezhana Babkin told me how to make wishes in New year

Снежана Бабкина рассказала, как правильно загадывать желания в Новый год

Snezhana Babkin told me how to make wishes in New year
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The actress shared the instruction of the ritual that was invented 25 years ago.

In the New year’s eve the wife of Sergey Babkin Snezhana tried on the costume mouse and told about the holiday ritual that helps to exercise all the wishes. About how to spend large mommy told on their page .

– I repeat to You the instruction of MAGIC‼

  1. Buy a new Christmas toy!!! Important!! To “hat” at the top of the toy was opened!!
  2. Before the New Year, take a quarter of exercise book (size) and write on it 12 wishes for the coming year. Absolutely real desires. p.s. We yesterday read my last year wishes and Bob (daughter of Snezana and Sergey – Ed.) upset that she had not come true – Candy rain!
  3. The clarification! Let every wish begins with the words “I Want”
  4. Wrote 11 of desires and the 12th write this – “I want to have all my desires fulfilled!”
  5. Read them aloud to yourself and rejoice – soon all your dreams will come true !!!
  6. Roll a leaf tube. You can tie the thread or to stick a small piece of tape to not turned.
  7. Open toy, stick to your desire, close.
  8. Hang the toy on a Christmas tree. If there are no trees, on the handle of the window or wherever you want.
  9. New year’s eve your desire in the Christmas toy hang and gather magical energy.
  10. At the end of January, or later, put a toy in a box and forget about it for a year.
  11. Before the next New year, decorating the tree, find a treasured toy, deftly removed the desire to read.
  12. Rejoice and run for the new Christmas toy for your desires.

According to Babkin, the idea of unusual Christmas traditions, the wife invented over 25 years ago, and she managed to settle down in their family.

Where to meet 2020

New year for Babkin – holiday, which they always celebrate in a narrow family circle.

– New year I usually meet with the family. Last year we were in Finland, namely in Lapland, skied. But this holiday, I’ll celebrate at home, it is the travel we have. We are a family that never prepared. We have the only rule in the New year, we always do. It’s a family holiday! Only once was a mistake, but then I haven’t had a family. We gather together, decorate a live tree, around 20 December, and is already in a festive mood, – shared the singer on the set of the show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!” for TV channel “Ukraine”.

The couple have been together for 10 years. The couple has three children – 12-year-old Arthur (from his first marriage Snjezana), 8-year-old and three-month Baseline Elisha. Sergei also has a son Elijah, from his first marriage, a boy lives with his mother.


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