Smoking during pregnancy

For virtually any woman pregnancy is a joyful event of her life, however, for some moms this event is a test of will power and desire to do everything for the baby.

Куріння під час вагітності

I’m talking about those women who smoked before pregnancy and who have a question about the refusal from harmful habits. Of course, the most correct would be to not start Smoking at all, then quit don’t will need, but we are not all perfect. And if you smoke for many years and you find it difficult to quit Smoking, how to be in pregnancy, why give up the habit, at least for now? Talk about this in detail and justified.

Where to start?
According to statistics, an increasing number of women today smoke permanently, many do it from time to time, and tobacco addiction is becoming younger today brand of cigarettes indulge very young girls in the 14-15 age group and even younger. But to smoke or not to smoke is a choice, however, if pregnancy is a special case, because now the woman is responsible not only for their life and health, but also for the future baby and how he is born. Today, pregnant effect, and so a lot of negative factors to add and addiction to tobacco. Therefore, doctors all over the world in a loud voice say “no” to nicotine addiction during pregnancy. Most women listen to the doctors, trying to overcome a habit at least during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but not all.

Last looking for excuses in the mythical “swollen ear” or nervousness, in addition, they refer to the experience of some friends, who calmly smoked the entire pregnancy and birth is a normal, “healthy” children. But these are the most common mistakes and experience more than 350 different kinds of research confirms it, all doctors and scientists agree that Smoking is extremely adversely affects the development of pregnancy and fetal health. Not to be unfounded, we will investigate in detail the effect of Smoking on pregnancy. Hope this helps someone make the right decision in your life!

In General, the main negative aspects of Smoking during pregnancy can be the birth of premature babies or the increased risk of mortality immediately after birth. Also main ones are the low weight of the newborn before birth, different kinds of deformities and disease, increased risk of abortion at all stages, the risk of acquiring children of congenital diseases and anomalies of metabolism. Can be delayed effects of tobacco poisoning in the womb in the form of a mental illness or intellectual impairment, and mother – risk preeclampsia and eclampsia during pregnancy (swelling, a rise in pressure and protein in the urine).

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Why is it dangerous to smoke pregnant?
All adverse changes of the body, Smoking during pregnancy, women can be divided into three groups:
– pathology of the mother’s body,
– pathology of the fetal development,
– pathology of such period and older children.

It is worth remembering that during the nine months the mother’s body and fetus is one, unified whole system, and when the woman takes another puff, baby literally enveloped in smoke as a veil, which he has a sharp spasm of blood vessels and tissue hypoxia. On the background of Smoking problems the main body of the pregnancy – the placenta, which differs significantly from non-Smoking women. The placenta becomes more thin and rounded, worse cope with their basic functions. It can occur with large infarcts or abruption, which leads to the formation of abortion, mortality of the fetus or the sharp slowdown of its development.

If a woman smoked prior to conception, during pregnancy and after the child was born, then according to scientists there is a sharp increase in the number of miscarriages, and increase of labor in a period, when the child is ready for birth. In this context dramatically increases the number of premature babies and those with very low body weight for a comfortable existence after birth. When Smoking there are many disorders that affect the establishment of breastfeeding, reduced adaptive abilities of kids and more frequent cases of serious illnesses of newborns. Especially high risk of having children with visible or internal born with defects, who are going to suffer from birth. In addition, children of Smoking mothers, what they didn’t say will significantly lag behind other children in physical and mental development indicators. Additionally proven are the facts and the adverse effects of nicotine during pregnancy on the blood circulation of the mother and especially in small vessels and reduced absorption by the fetus of oxygen from the blood. be especially harmful nicotine and carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) for transferring oxygen by the hemoglobin of the fetus to the tissues. Nicotine also causes spasms of the uterus and the deterioration of blood supply of the placenta – the baby is in a state of mild suffocation almost constantly.

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A few arguments against tobacco.
If all the above is common knowledge, but some facts of nicotine addiction is little known, for example, the carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke have a dramatically depressing effect on the formation and future function of the reproductive system kids. If it’s a girl, she would have reduced the number of eggs in their ovaries, but if it’s a boy – he formed subsequent problems with potency. In other words, they can become infertile. Smoking pregnant Willy nilly makes the fetus a passive smoker and addicted to nicotine at first, and these children laid a vicious connection and a tendency to the early formation of bad habits to Smoking at an early age – even teenagers they can join cigarettes and alcohol (triggered in utero memory). At birth, these children may suffer from nicotine hunger and can act very Moody, bad sleep, and at birth may not time to take the first breath, which will lead to intensive care.

No less harmful is Smoking for the expectant mother, her this pregnancy given very easy, it will cause complications in the form of early toxicosis of pregnancy and preeclampsia. While Smoking may appear the problem of varicose veins, disorders in digestion with constipation or abdominal pain, dizziness and pressure drops. Smoking also leads to a pronounced deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which leads to the formation of such pathologies of the pregnant body as problems with protein digestion, depressive disorders and reduced immunity.

If you smoked before pregnancy.
Very often the process of Smoking before pregnancy itself nicotine addiction is one of the causes of infertility available. Scientists have found that egg cells of women who smoke have a lower viability. It is the fault of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons of a number that do, including in the area of the ovaries with the inhaled smoke. On average, the ability to conceive a child from a woman smoke is reduced by half, and the dependence of well-built, depending on the frequency of Smoking and number of cigarettes. In women with the habit of Smoking much more often there have been problems with the menstrual cycle, they often have problems with ovulation, her absence and the onset of early menopause. Not less harmful and passive Smoking before pregnancy, especially if this habit suffers the father of the unborn baby. Then the chances of a successful conception will be reduced even more, as men smokers reduced erectile function, decreased number and altered sperm quality.

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Smoking in the period of pregnancy planning.
If a couple is planning pregnancy, it means they are serious approach to parenting and of course, have to come up with a question about quitting Smoking. It is important to create for the future baby the most healthy and nutritious conditions of conception and development. Basis planning is the arrangement of your physical and emotional health, replenishment of all stocks of the organism and the time of deliverance from the harmful habits. Therefore, Smoking planning pregnancy should be compatible to completely give up cigarettes you need to both partners. If not, the ability to conceive is reduced by half, even with IVF, as the eggs die off worse sperm function. And the future Pope also needs to stop Smoking, since nicotine adversely affects not only the woman but also her husband, but 50% of the genetic information of the baby – it’s daddy’s genes. So, to quit is necessary BEFORE the planning stage, or at least its beginning.

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